September 3, 2021

Greetings from Dave Hanson

Here at Sunrise Outreach Center, we serve sandwiches, warm cocoa, water, gloves, and other essentials daily to individuals in need who drop by our doors, which tends to be 15-20 people per day.

Case management is another powerful tool we to track the progress of the people we serve, and we use it to be a better help in improving the lives of our less-fortunate community members. It causes us great joy to see our clients get help with medical issues, secure safe housing environments, and move ahead in life.

We are also happy to provide for the community with six food pantry sites across the county, backpack programs, and general homeless outreach.

If you or anyone you know need food to get through the week without being hungry, please visit any of our food pantries. Hours and information can be found on our Food Pantries page.

If you would like to volunteer at our foodbanks, or be involved in any of our other programs, please visit our Volunteer page.

Thank you for your awareness, and your continued generous support.