About Sunrise Outreach

Feeding Families, Housing – From Beds to Homes, Community Mobilization and Organizational Networking

Sunrise Outreach Center (SOC) is a Yakima Vineyard outreach ministry purposed on partnering with the Holy Spirit to love and serve people struggling through the effects of poverty. Although we are a faith based organization, we operate entirely in the public interest, and neither require participation nor displace anyone for not participating with any church activity. Our approach is twofold; first, to provide basic needs (food, water and shelter); secondly, to employ prevention strategies targeted at interrupting the ongoing cycle of inter-generational poverty.

Hunger and Homelessness are so large a problem in Yakima County that a proportionate response requires collaboration and localized community mobilization. There are many people here in need, others who want to help; we’re interested in both. We see God working as much with those who’ve come to help as those they’ve come to serve.

SOC operates as a separate non-profit 501(c)3. This enables other churches and community partners to participate. As a model, the board holds two Yakima Vineyard Board members in order to maintain Kingdom vision, but other positions are given to multiple church and community partners. The same holds true for the intercessory team which meets offsite in a backyard workshop every weekday morning for an hour to pray for those who serve, those they serve and our community.

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Our Goals

Community Solutions for Hunger and Homelessness

Expand our backpack program in Harrah to 75 children; we are currently able to serve 25.

25 children

Purchase housing for the YREC and Clean and Sober Housing programs $565,000; we have $140,000 so far.

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