October 22, 2018

In Need of List

When the weather changes, so does the need of our clients. They shift from trying to stay cool from the blazing sun, to trying to stay warm with freezing temperatures. Living on the streets is really hard, but it gets even harder when you add in the weather. While extreme temperatures can be dangerous in the summer, the fall present an even bigger looming ahead. Freezing temperatures can have deadly consequences for any person without shelter, but especially for the person not acclimated to the weather in Yakima County.

We have put together a wish list of the top 6 items asked for at our receptionist desk. Most of these items are asked for by people who just want to stay warm. Here are the most asked for items:

  1. Gloves
  2. Sleeping Bags
  3. Coats
  4. Socks
  5. Backpacks
  6. Hygiene Products

For the people who want to help, but do not have time. This is a perfect way for you to get involved in helping the community. We will be accepting donations at our offices in Yakima. Thank you!

If you do have time, and would like to home volunteer, check out our volunteer page here.