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All About Us

Sunrise Outreach Center of Yakima was incorporated as a 501c3 February 2009. We developed out of a fledgling outreach ministry three years prior under the umbrella of the Vineyard Church of Yakima; we realized the need was bigger than our means. We developed to provide a platform for other churches and empathetic stakeholders within our community to join the effort and expand our ability to help.

Our current Board of Directors: • Beth Dannhardt, ED, Triumph Treatment Center - Board Chair • Roger Wilson, Principle, Wilson Real Estate & Property Management – Vice Chair • Mark Kunkler, Yakima City Legal - Board Secretary/Legal • Blaine Fielding, Private Tax Consultant – Board Treasurer • John Householder – Retired Contractor – Board Member • Tim Jensen – Chief Financial Officer – Staff • Dave Hanson – Chief Executive Officer – Staff

We've come to realize there are three ways to provide service: • Provision – Food for the hungry, housing for the homeless; meeting emergent essential needs. • Prevention – Empowering youth through wrap-around educational and service related interventions to interrupt the progression and future effects of poverty and homelessness as they become adults. • Intervention – Responsive interventions to existing sustainability gaps which address health, mental health, supervision, education and behavioral development.

Our Current Programming: Provision: We have food-banks in Yakima, Ahtanum, Wapato, Sunnyside and Mabton serving over 1700 weekly food allotments monthly. At our Yakima office located at the Vineyard Church, we operate a five-day-a-week help center to help those in the surrounding neighborhood with rent and utility assistance with an effort to prevent homelessness. We have a well-developed clothing and diaper bank at this site as well. The food and clothing banks are weekly distributions; the diaper bank operates during the last week of every month. We also have a week-day soup and sandwich day center serving an average of 92 people daily at this location. In Ahtanum, our newest operation, we have a mobile food bank operating at the Ahtanum elementary school once per month. We own the old Wapato train station where we have food distribution weekly. We lease our Sunnyside building, the old Foursquare Church there, and distribute food weekly and diapers monthly. This is a second help center serving the lower valley. In Mabton, we have a mortgage on the community center facility. We provide weekly food and clothing distribution there. We also provide a weekly backpack food distribution for 72 children in their elementary school. We provide the food to their high school in bulk, one of their classes packages the food in weekend food kits which are sealed. These kits are then delivered to the elementary school each Friday. The guidance counselor staff places these kits in the children's backpacks for weekend consumption.

Prevention/Intervention We operate two trauma informed staffed residential and education centers for youth 12 to 17 years of age. We are licensed with the State of Washington as a Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS 1A) provider; these are the only homes with this license in central Washington. Our girl's home (The Sunrise House) provides a safe housing, education and service solution for CSEC (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children.) Our boy's home (The Power House) provides a safe housing solution for boys who require specialized education and clinical service solutions due to trauma and mental health related limitations, who are otherwise not successful with foster care or group homes providers. We often take in youth at age 12 and 13 who have been on the run and/or out of school for a couple years. These are youth who are sometimes already in the juvenile justice system. Anecdotally, these are youth we project will struggle with the effects of poverty as they grow and become adults; these homes are intended to prevent that from happening.

Annual Fundraiser

This year, our Annual Fundraiser will be held at the Le Chateau, 15 North Naches Avenue, here in Yakima, December 8th, at 6 PM. We'll start with a Wine social which will provide some time to look at our Silent Auction items. There will also be a raffle with a new guitar, and a live auction featuring a new custom built dinning set; here's the story:

The Peasant Table Wormy Chestnut, Quarter Sawn White Oak, House Painted Poplar, Antique Cut Nails, Natural Suede, and Oil Infused Wax Finish. One of a kind dining set crafted mainly with traditional hand tools and joinery. Please explore and enjoy the hand planed surfaces of the table top and the carved bottom of the stools. Every aspect of this set was built with care and a true passion for craftsmanship.

Cleaning and Upkeep Use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean. Abrasives should never be used. A good furniture wax should be used every so often to restore luster.

Story A while ago a friend of mine came to me with a very old and worn out bunk bed. It was made for him by his grandfather out of his prized collection of Wormy Chestnut. Being a wood nerd I accepted this gift knowing that I would one day use this material for something special. Chestnut is a near extinct wood that is no longer available commercially. When I was approached to make a dining set for this charity, the old bunk bed was the first thing that came to mind. Although the amount of material was small and limited my options for designing the table, when I pulled the nails and dismantled all the parts my vision started to come to light. I wanted to make something that was simple and useful, but to also be a reminder of why we donated our time and money to support such a wonderful cause.

The name "Peasants Table" represents the servant driven nature of Sunrise Outreach and the nature of which the table was designed and built. The design is inspired from 14th and 15th century peasant furniture. These items were made by the poorest of poor to take care of their most basic necessities. They used little to no adornment and were built with bare bones joinery. The staked legs made it possible for the tables and chairs to be sturdy with less material thus making it easily built and attainable.

Inspired by the work Sunrise Outreach is doing to work with these kids that have been rescued from the most heinous of situations, I wanted to build something that represented this, and honor the wonderful man who loved his grand-kids so deeply that he would build them such a special piece of furniture. Because of Sunrise these kids now get to experience the love that a father and mother have for their child, the love a grandfather has for his grandchild. Now you get to enjoy a truly hand crafted piece of furniture that will last generations and each time you gather at this table you can reflect on the lasting help you gave Sunrise Outreach and the many children that are blessed by them every day.

Pictures are available on our Face Book Page.

With great thanks, JARS FAMILY CRAFTWORKS, 2016

New Emphasis

From the beginning, SOC has been focused on serving those struggling with the effects of poverty; indeed, people experiencing hunger and homelessness in Yakima are in high numbers. Until recently our services have been limited to provision of basic needs: food, water and shelter. We've grown to hold five food banks, two clothing banks and in partnership with Triumph Treatment Services operate two diaper banks. We operate a daily soup and sandwich ministry to those with the highest needs at our help center and main office at the Vineyard Church in Yakima. Earlier this year, SOC received a Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS) license from DSHS to operate two youth residential and education centers for teens 12 to 18. Our girls home is the Sunrise House and our boys home is called the Powerhouse. These homes are committed to measurable interventions and education for youth that can't be housed elsewhere. Our hope is that youth having a safe and caring environment can begin to heal, get needed help with their education and can begin to develop sustainability skills; thus preventing a potential struggle with the effects of poverty as they become adults.


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